Výběr jazyka

The ARIONAS Band was founded in 2005 and is based on two outstanding singers, Shahab Tolouie

and the legendary Martha Eleftariadu.

Another member of the band is also a guitarist Stanislav Barek. Singing is accompanied by a sensitive and expressive sound of two guitars, acoustic with steel strings (S. Barek) and classical with nylon strings (S. Tolouie)

ARIONAS repertoire is based on the beautiful Greek and Persian songs, in which Martha and Shahab tastefully complement each other’s voices.

At the concert you can also enjoy à capella Greek folk ballads sung by the fantastic Martha Eleftariadu.

Savor an exceptional experience of emotive Greek, Persian and Spanish song performed by perfectly tuned voices,accompanied by two guitars.

Martha Elefteriadu

Martha Elefteriadu arrived with her sister Tena and her parents to Czechoslovakia as a child in 1950. Parents fled Greece before the Civil War.

In the late 1960s, she began to sing with her sister Tena and formed a legendary duo, which has been performing continuously until now. They have released countless LPs and CDs from pop music to Greek music. Together they sang at many concerts in Czechoslovakia and abroad.

Martha also acts as a moderator, and has been a great success for more than 10 years, organizing Greek dances and doing many other activities. She has also released the solo album "Kresba tuší",where she has worked with many outstanding musicians (Dežo Ursini, Vladimír Merta, Pavel Kopta, Michael Kocáb ...). The album was originally released on LP, later on CD. The album became the album of the 1980s and sold successfully to the present day.

Martha Elefteriadu is still keeping her top-class voice, and her concerts are a deep, unforgettable experience.

Shahab Tolouie (Írán)

Born in 1974 in Shahsavar, Iran

Shahab Tolouie's music combines mysticism and deep philosophy of Persian tradition with the passion and drama of flamenco.

As a multi-instrumentalist, besides guitar, he also excels at various traditional Persian instruments - setar, tanbor, delroba, laud, daf, dammam. He is involved mainly in multicultural and artistic musical fusion. It presents a distinctive style in which the West and the East combine: a clear, warm-hearted expression, flamenco with powerful intonation and rich musical elements of Persian tradition. This multicultural style, which is an original contribution to the genre Ethno / World music, is sometimes referred to as Ethno Flamenco or Persian Flamenco fusion - the Persian-Spanish fusion.

He is also an excellent singer. In addition to playing in Arionas and occasional solo performances, he also has his own band Shahab Tolouie Trio