Výběr jazyka

Dominika Švendová

Born 9. 8. 1998

Dominika has played the guitar since she was four. She likes playing thanks to her mother. She continued at Elementary Art School in Choceň by Petra Poláčková and in Ústí nad Orlicí by PeadDr. Jiří Tomášek. She studied at Conservatory Pardubice by master Petr Saidl in 2014. Dominika studied the guitar and flute here. She starts studing at École Superiéure Musique et Danse Hauts de France (Lille – France) by master Judicaela Perroy in 2018. There are also masterclasses by f.e.. Gabriel Bianco (FR), Carlo Marchione (I), Florian Larousse (FR), Rémi Jousselme (FR), Álvaro Pierri (UY) She is also a holder of some special awards: for example the title „Young Talent“ awarded by the hetman of the district of Pardubice, nomination on award given by the Czech Television Competition „Zlatý Oříšek“ and the title „Young Guitarist of the Year“. She has got master stroke of guitar by Petr Matoušek. She has excelent results in the international competition.